Asirvia GO Plus Features

So let me break down why I think the GO Plus feature is worth the extra cost for some businesses.

  • You can take people to a specific image you want them to see upon clicking
  • You can add your physical address for customers to find you
  • there is a “more info” button that in on the ad page that can go to any link you want your customer to land on
  • people can save this “ad” to their Google wallet or Apple wallet if someone shared it to an iphone user
  • You can share this “ad” on Facebook and other social media outlets and it has a “viral” effect
  • People can click on your phone number and call you right away with one click
  • You can set an expiration date and if the customer or prospect saves the ad in their wallet and you change that ad, it automatically updates in their wallet.
  • You have the option of showing people a video right away of your product or service.
  • GO Local and GO Social 2 new features coming soon that will work on the GO Plus platform!
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