It’s not so much the beacons themselves that you are paying for but the platform that you are using the beacons on.

  • $25.00/mo – 1 GO BASIC Services (inc. 1 GOs)
  • $69.00/mo – 3 GO BASIC Services (inc. 3 GOs)
  • $129.00/mo – 8 GO BASIC Services (inc. 8 GOs)
  • $256.00/mo – 16 GO BASIC Services (inc. 16 GOs)
  • $800.00/mo – 50 GO BASIC Services (inc. 50 GOs)
  • 1600.00/mo – 100 GO BASIC Services (inc. 100 GOs)

Asirvia GO initial cost:

1st and last month subscription fee (depends on which package you order), initial $30 activation fee which is a one time fee per account, and shipping is 15-30 $

If you decide to cancel, your GO SERVICES will remain active for 30 days following your next renewal date.

NO Contracts and cancel at anytime!

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