Hello Guys, My name is Rania, I am Egyptian graduated from pharmacy college 2004 and I am TOEFL student for the past 2 years. I took the TOEFL test around 13 times till today. Even though my TOEFL score was good from the first time, I keep re taking the test only to increase my speaking score from 24 to 26 .

I practiced a lot of TOEFL materials  and I am going to share with you guys all my resources for FREE.

But first you need to enjoy practicing  TOEFL and NOT let the TOEFL break you or get you down. It is normal to feel that your are frustrated or you are depressed but keep going. Look to the bright side of it…

Why I am doing that ??

Frankly, I am doing that for few reasons.




First of all, I am really frustrating from the TOEFL system and the TOEFL Tutor as well as Teachers as they are not doing anything except earning money from us. All they are doing is to keep us practicing, hopefully we will get our dream score one day.

Second reason is that I really was able to gain a tones of experiences in other fields just by studying the TOEFL. I am gonna list some of them now. ↓

Third reason is that I am marketing for my business 😉 and getting more exposure from you guys. Thank you

Forth reason, I am practicing now while I am writing this post for my next test that due in 4 days, Wish me luck guys

1 ) I wanted to improve my writing skills so I started to work as mystery shopper. As a result of that I was able to get to learn more about the American culture and I was able to try different kind of food. I tried  the Mexican Tacos, the Chinese food, the Korian BBQ, Iranian dishes and I was able to  get my breakfast in Marriot one day, Having my lunch in Hilton was a great opportunity to spend some quality time with my family.

I was able to visit a huge number of entertainment places like Zoos, Warner bros Studio, Bowling, parks, museum, presidential library etc.

All of this activities for free plus extra cash. After finishing each of these activities I had to submit a detailed report with a tones of details and descriptions. This reports were edited by profession editors in a well-reputed company. So I was getting experiences in writing and getting to know more about my writing weakness from the editor reviews. On top of that I was able to increase my typing skills and it helped me a lot in  improving my writing score

in addition, I had a lot of conversations with each host and server in each of the restaurants that I had visited as per the mystery shopper job .requirements.

Want to try a mystery shopper great opportunity ?

5 + 5 =

2 ) I become a virtual assistant working from home, as I am a mom of three wonderful kids, doing each of this task.

So if you are doing any type of business and want help please feel free to contact me. Or you can hire me in the future to help you in your business ;).


3 ) Digital marketing and SEO was one my favorite part of this experiences, I am gonna write about it in “How to improve your reading post


4 ) I became blogger, writing blogs and articles about health and wellness as well as marketing and how to increase traffic to your business by using Bluetooth Marketing.


As you can see practicing TOEFL really affected me in a positive way. Not only it improves my writing skills but also it helps me to get tremendous amount of experiences. On top of that I was earning money while enjoying my life.


Writing Strategy by Notefull was one of the best resources that put me on track.

TOEFL Grammar

TOEFL Full Resources

TOEFL 140 Essay

If you are new to this TOEFL exams , I would love to recommend you the following steps.

First, read this book ” ETS- How to prepare for the TOEFL IBT” and practice from this FREE sites.

Second, Take a test to know where are you from your dream score.

Third, know your weakness and work on them by improving them.

Forth, Keep visiting my website, I am going to updated it daily

Fifth, Share with your friends, Help someone, for sure you will be getting help back when you need it.

Finally, I hope that you get benefit from this post and I would love to see your feedback in the comment section, It will really help me to improve in the future. 




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