TOEFL Grammar resources,

This booklets are very important to build ultra targeted grammar structure that will help you in :

1 ) speaking task 1 /2 /3 /4 /5 /6

2 ) writing task 1 / 2

So keep practicing this Grammar booklet at least 20 minutes every day

Jaime’s Ultra-Targeted TOEFL Grammar

TOEFL English Grammar

TOEFL Reported speech Grammar

TOEFL Passive Grammer

TOEFL Full English Grammar


TOEFL Full Resources

TOEFL 140 Essay

How do shop knows where I am ?

Have you ever driven by a large retail store and received a notification on your phone? Or have you ever downloaded an app for your favorite store and once you walk in your phone notifies you of specials or sales happening that day? What these big box stores are using...

What are Proximity Marketing Beacons?

the type of beacons I’m referring to are a small device that broadcasts a signal to nearby smart phones. They come in all different sizes and shapes. Depending on what technology the beacon is using whether it’s a downloadable app or using Google nearby, depends on...

What are Some of the Beacon Features ?

here are a number of companies selling these beacons today. It’s not so much the beacon that’s the big deal as it is the platform your beacon is using. There are a number of key features I personally was looking for. I wanted to be able to change my messages myself...

What is the Asirvia GO?

The GO Units are beacons that you can take with you or place anywhere and they send out a broadcast to anyone within 100 yards who has Bluetooth on and Google nearby enabled. This broadcast comes in the form of a clickable link that you program in your back office...
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